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It adds a natural flush to the cheeks or a natural healthy tint to lips which looks so healthy, glowy and natural. Ta dam. A lot of times I have met such issues on websites like the link isn't working, the page is blank, the button isn't working, so and so. Last but not least, look at these adorable heart socks! This one came with a spoolie which is a plus point. Bisous bisous. So they actually knew what's happening and try to spin it on their client lying about non existing delivery attempt because the parcel was damaged. Have you ever placed an order on YesStyle or would you like to? I have seen YouTubers wearing this when they apply a face mask and this looks so cute. I tried to cover maximum points and queries through my post. Their price? From the starting, exploring and surfing the website till receiving of products, everything was so fine, smooth, and easy.

I hope you have found this post helpful. I am using it and loving it. Most of the products are very cute, cheap and pretty good. And OMG! So yes, I am going to share what I bought, my overall experience and will be answering a few queries which I am sure will be helpful to you.

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About YesStyle YesStyle is the first online retailer to globally distribute a wide range of beauty, fashion and lifestyle products from Asia through their website YesStyle.

I got a pink one from Chuu, a very popular Korean brand in size Small, and also a cute blue and green plaid one no brand in size Medium. The website shows on what amount we can avail free shipping on top of the homepage.

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YesStyle : My Honest Review of the Korean & Japanese Beauty Store