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Glue six wooden craft sticks to the back of the wooden circle spaced evenly apart creating the fan blades. Loop in resistor to the terminal in the motor and attach one of the connecting wire to the resistor and other connecting wire to the terminal. Reading and following the safety precautions of all materials used in a project is the sole responsibility of each individual. Glue the two bases on top of each other, in opposite directions, to make a two-layered bottom. Next place the pole onto the wooden plank or base support material you are going to use. Developing a more cost effective, attractive and innovative way to produce wind energy will fix the problem that the world may be facing. Put a pencil through the hole in the middle of thespool. Repeat with another 10 wooden craft sticks, glued side-by-side.

Glue Procedure Cut off the top of a 2 liter soda bottle at the point when it starts to narrow. Cut the connecting wire into two pieces and remove the insulation from the connecting wire. Not to mention burning of coal and oil causes bad emission to our environment.

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Problem: Oil and coal is running out causing the focus on finding a better way to produce energy. Wooden pole to mount motor Connecting wire Cello tape How it works When the wind passes through the blades, the blades experience a lift due to the aerodynamic airfoil shape. Ensure the paper towel tube is tightly glued down by adding several coats of glue around the edges of the bottom of the paper towel tube. Objective: To build an innovative windmill since energy is becoming a problem in the world and we need a better renewable source. Tie one end of the string about 1 foot long to the paper clip and glue the other end to the pencil. Rest each end of the pencil in the slits you made at the top of the bottle. Wait for the glue to dry completely. Generating Electricity 1. I have a shared a link of a youtube video to help you finish a working school science project and how it works. Wrap the entire roll of magnet wire around the top of the paper towel tube, surrounding the nail hole without covering it up. Due to the lift produced, the blades move and start rotating.

You have just finished your project. Related learning resources Lesson plan Wacky Windmill Challenge Disclaimer and Safety Precautions Education.

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Repeat with another 10 wooden craft sticks, glued side-by-side. A promising approach to successfully handle such a magnitude of complexity and data volume is to develop new network management and optimization tools based on machine learning.

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How to Make a Windmill for a School Project