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Joanna: I wanted to ask you as a medical doctor, you've dealt with physical bodies.

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In his essay " What is an Author? And so we burn through the days, passing from one person to the next the lit match of memory.

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Joanna: That gives me hope. Since Aristotle's Poetics , literature has always given rise to its exegesis, but now that no scrap of literary gossip goes untweeted, it may be time to reflect a little on the activity of literary criticism. Suggestions on future topics are most welcome Joanna: No, I think that that's fair enough. For Barthes, the act of writing and he meant writing only, with no hint as to how this trope applies to other media , allows the author to lose some of his conscious self and that for a work to be enjoyed, a reader has to project some of his own thoughts and views. Grief is the most humane of emotions but it is a one-sided emotion: it is not reciprocated. But the dead do not remember and nothingness is not a curse. Would that be right? But often on a sunny, pristine day I get a pang that I am here when she is not.

Two award-winning attempts at writing the afterlife — one from and one from — offer two different approaches to answering the question.

I learned these amazing lessons from working there.

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As it was only anthologised much later first in Image-Music-Text in and then in The Rustle of Language in , the essay was photocopied and distributed samizdat-fashion on campuses all over the world, which enhanced its subversive appeal. And it was actually, a huge relief once I was able to just bring death into my awareness every day. Scott Fitzgerald, died March 10, , age 47 4. For me, it was really profound looking through the eyes of grief in the first place, and then also being aware, as you said, of churches with decorated with skulls and skeletons and how common those images are in Italy that we don't see very often here in the U. Some authors, such as Ray Bradbury and William Gibson can't be bothered to stay consistent when talking about the major themes or concepts in their books for more than a few years at a time. Romantic psychology? This podcast is sponsored by Kobo Writing Life , which helps authors self-publish and reach readers in global markets through the Kobo eco-system.

As such, it's quite possible to really arrive at what the intent really is by noting the changes and shifts at multiple stages of productions.

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Zelda Fitzgerald, and her husband, F. Joanna: That gives me hope. It only proposes that questions not explicitly answered by the text of the work cannot simply be resolved by Word of God or by trying to guess the author's intention.

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It really helps you have equanimity. They resolve to try again after lunch but never get that chance. Joanna: Fantastic. Still alive! As Doughty and others have observed, the American Civil War marks the starting point of the modern death industry. Joanna: And will there be a book about Italy? We can never know. She died when the hospital she was in caught fire. Do we have unresolved grief over a loss we've had in the past? The explicit purpose of their trip is to visit the dunes one last time before the place is destroyed by encroaching development.
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Can Novels Change Our Attitudes About Death?