Why dinosaurs became extinct

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The relatively low levels of extinction seen among amphibians probably reflect the low extinction rates seen in freshwater animals. M ember organisms depend on others within this network as a source of food.

It was the darkness that followed. Orlando Ave. That number is based on the size and global fallout of the impact. Eruptions before and after it went on uninterrupted for 91, years. Also, climate change would have taken tens of thousands of years, giving the dinosaurs sufficient time to adapt.

The outpourings started before and ran after the Chicxulub impact.

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He and his colleagues have traced the intensity of the volcanism during the time of the impact. The simulation begins by estimating the climate before the smash-up.

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Rather, the surviving mammals and birds fed on insectswormsand snailswhich in turn fed on detritus dead plant and animal matter.

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Dinosaur extinction facts and information