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See More February 25 I bought my first vintage typewriter, unsure if I could find a place to clean it and bring it back t Be careful not to lose washers on each end of tabulator bar' position them for return to proper pivot as they are of different thicknesses.

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Rack Lock Arm through opening between carriage end and rack bail. To Replace Carriage. The roller retainers must be perfectly straight to prevent binding and the lips on the rear roller retainer must mesh smoothly in the slots of the front roller retainer.

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Adjust clamps as outlined under Paragraph 2 a above. Holding front rail in place, tip machine on its back, then holding carriage and rail firmly on each end, slide backwards, up and toward you.

Bear down forward on carriage and front rail.

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Motion and Shift Mechanism. Place rubber band around top of line finder and attach to key on keyboard. Unless positioned properly they may become disconnected from the rails. The rail adjusting screws are located in the center of the front rail V. Disconnect carriage drum strap from under right end of carriage attached to Drum Strap Screw. Disconnect drawband from carriage and attach to anchor screw. Thank you, Chuck! Move carriage remaining distance to its right end as shown in drawing tilting carriage left end upward and slipping Back Space.

See More. Indicators are provided on Bottom rail for location of Bottom rail ball rollers and pinions.

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