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Much of the impact is expected to be felt in the second quarter of Governments across Asia Pacific region are launching ambitious e-government initiatives.

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The larger the circle size, the more sensitive the model output is to the input parameter. Samsung plans to invest 9.

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Introduction Most human use of water produces wastewater. Increased nutrient recycling, along with more inherently resource-efficient measures, could possibly reduce their overall environmental impacts Most national, regional, or global projections of anthropogenic nutrient discharge rely heavily on assumptions and calculations rather than observations or experiments 1920 However, research efforts should also be devoted to investigating the economic feasibility of emerging resource recovery paradigms, as conversion costs are crucial constraints in infrastructure transformation Eighty-two per cent of the region's SMEs are most interested in deploying knowledge-management software.

This result could be explained by assumptions that plant-based protein usually contained twice as much P as meat-based protein

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