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In a holistic view of buildings and light, the lighting designer is not only occupied with physical guidelines for appropriate light characteristics but also incorporates demands that are vital for the well-being and the individual perception of people.

Only then are dedicated technical solutions considered and put into practice. Die Unterrichtssprache ist deutsch. Still today builders love proclaiming this concept by constructing towers for a bank or insurance company.

This implies creative as well as technical aspects of light. Particular emphasis will be put on the interrelation of man, light, and space. The C method, dendrochronology, endoscopy and thermography are basic techniques for the analysis and dating of wooden materials.

Many people consider the reconstruction of monuments as a sort of conservation, which means that this issue has to be fully analyzed and understood. Stone buildings were not common as a part of the nature of a landscape and they were often a representative expression of the thinking of an era.

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Similarly the preservation of the early monuments of modernity implies a special challenge. Working in partnership with regional architectural practices, the new work-study program aims to close the gap that currently exists between theoretical thinking and practical realization.

It is significant that almost all older wooden temples in subsequent periods "petrified".

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Architectural Lighting Design, Master