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In AprilTesla Motors has become the first US automotive industry in terms of market capitalization. In this factory there will also be produced battery packs destined for stationary storage use [21]. Table 2.

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In addition to reducing carbon footprint, Tesla aims to steer away from the concentration in automobiles to home installations of solar panels. As growth in this industrial revolution is driven by human creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation have become key prerequisites for achieving business success in a highly competitive and turbulent business environment. In these grounds, Tesla is an inspiring company that is a breakthrough and example for other companies to follow. The third phase dealt with the reading and analyzing the data gathered from various sources e. CBA allows the companies to evaluate probable gains and losses that these actions may bring. It has contributed more than 50, cars in roads all over the world as of today. A leap was made towards ensuring a safe spatial flight in a way that it is equipped with nine first-stage engines, being able to carry out a mission even in the event of an engine shutdown. Sooner or later, they will have to shift to a more sustainable source of energy. Fortunately, Tesla Motors was able to flip that equation. Only companies capable of building an organizational culture that stimulates the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit will thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What is its competitive advantage?

Spreading clean energy to the entire world has become one of the aims for Tesla Motors, but its decision to branch off to in the The long run for this kind of investors, that also take into account further elements than profitability.

The future of the automotive industry is leaning towards the utilization of renewable sources of energy. But the public can rest assured that Tesla will not stop creating better innovations for their products.

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This product is created so as to provide households power electricity whilst being tougher, providing better isolation and lasting longer than a conventional roof [25]. The remainder of this paper is divided into three sections. The main sources were articles and books from the domains of management, entrepreneurship, business, innovation, and company reports. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on all safety categories. The innovation of installing solar panels does not only assist in charging the Tesla, but also a change in electricity bills for homeowners. In an unconventional business move, Elon Musk stated Tesla must invest in their reputation first and worry about profit later down the line. Once all the costs and benefits of the project have been taken into consideration, comparison may be done. To this end, secondary data were collected and analyzed through the deployment of a significant literature review. In essence the investors seek to invest in a company that not only meets their personal interest, but also attempt to change the way the world uses and stores power. Tesla became the largest automotive US company under market capitalization and becoming a twenty-eight billion dollar company. The aim for Tesla is simple yet complex to achieve in a dynamic world where profits speak louder than innovation. In CBA, an estimation of the total value of all the benefits of a certain project is compared to that of the value of the costs that are needed in order to realize such project.

What makes you believe this company is really ethical and why you trust it? With lowering costs on mind, efforts are made so as to enable people to live on other planets, making spaceflights accessible. After releasing the Roadster, Tesla pushed for more space in the industry by releasing their luxury sedan, the Tesla Model S in To this end, secondary data were collected and analyzed through the deployment of a significant literature review.

tesla strategy analysis

Just a few months back, Elon Musk launched a new branch in his business by releasing an innovative understanding of solar panels by storing energy. Literature review Since the end of the last century entrepreneurship and innovation have evolved and become important fields of study.

The paper contributes to a better understanding of the relationship between entrepreneurship and innovation at Tesla Company.

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Tesla Motors: A Case Study in Environmental Impact