The early literary works of robert louis stevenson

His first two books were travel accounts. Although ill with tuberculosis from childhood, Stevenson had a full life. As my mother said "This is the heaviest affliction that has ever befallen me". Instead of applying himself to his studies, he became known for his outrageous dress and behavior.

Henley became a close friend and occasional literary collaborator, until a quarrel broke up the friendship inand he is often considered to be the model for Long John Silver in Treasure Island.

robert louis stevenson short stories

The Samoans insisted on surrounding his body with a watch-guard during the night and on bearing him on their shoulders to nearby Mount Vaeawhere they buried him on a spot overlooking the sea on land donated by British Acting Vice Consul Thomas Trood.

In he purchased a plot of land of about acres in Upolu, an island in Samoa. Stevenson's novels of adventure, romance, and horror are of considerable psychological depth and have continued in popularity long after his death, both as books and as films.

The early literary works of robert louis stevenson

Although he would later claim that it was the worst thing he ever wrote, Dr. In other respects too, Stevenson was moving away from his upbringing.

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Robert Louis Stevenson