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The term "periodic" may refer to annual stock count. All inventory should be accessible and sorted into appropriate categories.

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The following list highlights some of the most common reasons why business owners see discrepancies in their stocktake numbers. Physical stock count - Checklist Contd A. What to Read Next:. Before stocktaking Review last year working paper if any and discuss with management a.

Sales which have been unaccounted for can often throw off your count.

How to avoid discrepancy

However, "periodic" may also refer to half yearly, seasonal, quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly or daily. Retail Express offers a completely digital stocktake solution — arrange a free demo today to see it in action! Related Interests. Furthermore, if you conduct regular stocktakes throughout your financial year your staff will become more familiar with the procedures and stocktakes will be conducted in a more efficient manner. It is important to remember that stock equals money. Before stocktaking Review last year working paper if any and discuss with management a. The term "periodic" may refer to annual stock count. Nonetheless, there are innovative methods out there to automate such laborious processes, conducting stock-taking during non-operational hours or night time, such as fully automated Infinium Scan AI-enabled drones from Infinium Robotics [3] [4]. Conducting a regular stocktake will ensure you see benefits which: Provide accurate reporting which ensures your accounting is up to date and you are always aware of your profit margin Identify slow moving and overstocked products so you can act accordingly with special sales offers. Consider implementing tighter security measures in store, such as CCTV cameras or security tags on products. Run reports to consider what stock will be counted and then allocate the appropriate staff levels to perform the count. Sales which have been unaccounted for can often throw off your count.

While the equipment can be costly, the benefits far outweigh any other type of stocktaking method and can make operations run smoothly wherever you work. During stocktaking Observe the clients internal control system a.

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They can allow you to make sure there are no discrepancies between what your software thinks you should have and what is actually there.

Value your stock correctly Once you have counted and verified your stock levels it is important to review price lists to ensure you have the most up to date prices for the stocktake and that all recent price changes have been taken into account.

Have a chat with your managers to see if there are any kinks in the chain. What causes stocktake discrepancies?

How to reduce inventory discrepancies

A robust stocktaking method allows you to: Measure how well a product is performing against others. Highlights poor practices in your operation or possible cases of theft before things might get out of control. Always conduct a stocktake in a tidy and orderly environment. This makes the task of stock-taking easier. Ideally, all people participating in the count should be trained on the procedure. August 15, 4 min read Inventory or stocktaking is a process of calculating the amount of stock you have including food, drink, equipment, etc. Get value for your stocktake Now that your stock has been counted and priced correctly it is important that you get the best value from the information gathered. However, such stock-taking tasks are often laborious and often lead to significant warehouse operational downtime, ranging from days to weeks.

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Understanding Stock Take Discrepancies and Why They Happen