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How will voters judge Reagan's economic legacy? In the more than 15 years since the late President Ronald Reagan left office, experts have continued to debate the merits of his policies.

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Reagan claimed that only this action would enable him to sign a Congressional trade bill almost unequaled in its anti-consumer protectionism. About the Author William A. This part of the Reagan record was probably the greatest disappointment to his supporters. He had vetoed it three months earlier, but now let it become law without his signature after intense pressure from presidential nominee George Bush and former Treasury Secretary James Baker, now Bush's campaign chairman. We had a savings and loan crisis partly because of the deregulated financial markets. And both times Americans resoundingly said, yes, we're a lot better off. Economic growth increased from a 2. Reagan was awesome when it came to foreign policy because he knew how to negotiate with foreign leaders and their countries to get what he wanted. But we also have noted that trickle-down economics — that's what we called supply- side economics in those days — trickle down economics didn't work very well. His policies, called Reaganomics, reduced government spending and reduced tax rates in order to foster economic growth. On the surface, the economy appears to be much healthier than it was when Reagan took office: employment is up, unemployment is down, the economy is expanding and, perhaps most significantly, inflation is far below the double-digit levels of the s. Reagan cut the tax rate again, to The results of this plan were mixed. Reaganomics continues to be a controversial issue. Budget deficits are nothing new, of course, but the deficits of the Reagan era are different from those of earlier years, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Even Reagan himself was squeamish about attacking popular programs like Social Security and Medicare, which consume the largest percentages of taxpayer dollars.

The political process continues to generate demands for new or expanded programs, but American voters continue to resist higher taxes to pay for these programs.

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In the end, the Congress approved his tax and defense plans, but refused to make any deep cuts to the welfare state. In , he was research director for then-President Reagan's Commission on Government Privatization. It showed how Reaganomics could work. That's why we ended the s with a huge deficit. This sparked a deep recession in and He changed the tax treatment of many new investments. Real GDP per working-age adult, which had increased at only a 0. The economy grew 4. Both the administration and Congress were responsible for this outcome. The unemployment rate rose to He did not reduce other government programs. The Laffer Curve shows that cutting taxes only increases government revenue up to a point.

The annual increase in real inflation-adjusted federal spending declined from 4. Did he do that part and is part of the mixed legacy of Reaganomics now all these years later in part stemming from the fact that the diet didn't change that much?

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This is the Reagan legacy. About the Author William A. Here, a rocket sends a military satellite into the heavens.

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I mean that's a Reagan philosophy if there ever was one.

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The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan