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Follow the recommended vaccination schedule. There are many feed mills that prepare these formulated feeds.

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To sanitize the shed from germs and insects, it is fumigated with Formaldehyde gas, produced by putting Formalin on Potassium Permanganate. Check regularly the availability of water and feed for chicks.

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In this article, all the calculations have been based on a flock size of 10, birds. The entire building and all equipment should be properly disinfected and fumigated.

Major domestic markets include all major cities across the country including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta etc. Initially, for first fifteen days, light intensity should be watts per sq. The skin of shanks should be shiny. Poultry Farming in Pakistan Urdu Guide. Details of these financials can be studied in the pre-feasibility business plan of poultry farming in Pakistan by SMEDA.

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