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You may find that your mean score is different from peers who also took the PCAT around the same time.

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Like the Critical Reading section, there is no content to study and memorize. Then, defuse these arguments swiftly.

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This is your chance to envision how all the major points will work together and to plan the overall flow of your argument. The thoughts should be organized and your conclusion should be clear — an outline can really help you organize your thoughts if you have time.

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Maybe they agree with your position on the issue but need convincing that your proposed solutions are realistic and will make a difference. Do you demonstrate command of the English language, varied sentence structure, and strong, confident rhetorical construction? The response represents a persuasive essay showing strong evidence of efficient composition skills. Notice as well that you will not be given information regarding the score determined by the human reader, nor the score determined by the Intelligent Essay Assessor. Also correct any other spelling and grammar errors you notice, but ensure your initial focus is on the big picture. For example, you might discuss changes individuals can make, such as driving less often, creating less waste, and purchasing energy-efficient devices. For example, you might surmise that standardized tests reward rote memorization rather than creative thinking and unfairly disadvantage certain students. The prompt will be one short paragraph, outlining a problem.

A strong writing sample also uses this task as an opportunity to explain and refute anticipated criticism by pointing out a potential weakness of an element of the solution but then providing a rebuttal.

Instead, take a moment to digest the topic in full, considering each word as a possible source of ideas. That can alter your performance pretty significantly. This will help you solidify your interpretation of the statement and is the key to using your time effectively and writing clearly.

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The prompt will be related to one of three issues: Health Which could contain issues related to public health, medicine, nutrition, fitness, prevention, treatments, therapies, medications, drugs, attitudes. Next, ask yourself: if you were on the other side of this argument, what would you need to be convinced to jump ship and change your mind? Unless there is a gap between these scores of more than one point, they will be averaged together. Consider how best to spend your time improving in these areas before your test date. What is your final recommendation? Do not fabricate facts and figures, but do use concrete nouns and specific names, places, and people. That can alter your performance pretty significantly. You will be expected to not only understand the problem, but to provide a solution. Do you use proper spelling and grammar?
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