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Willy feels that Howard the son of the father who had formerly promised Willy that he would be rewarded for his service to the company has gone back on the word of his father by forgetting the salesman in his golden years, throwing away the peel after eating the orange, so to speak.

He had a good dream.

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Other issues explored in the play include: materialism, procrastination and alienation. That man was a prince, he was a masterful man. Death of a Salesman America has long prided itself on being a land of opportunity.

As literally as Mr. These characteristics describe him as a tragic hero in Death of a Salesman. However, Ben also symbolizes his insanity, it weaves in and out, adding comments and convincing Willy of things that are not. Before the Depression, an optimistic America offered the alluring promise of success and riches.

Imagine that?

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Willy feels he and his sons can achieve the American dream, going from nothing to fortune in little time, although it is obviously not the case. Set in twentieth century New York, Death of a Salesman highlights the tale of the perfectly named Willy Loman, a common, failing, itinerant salesman from New York.

Illusions are all over the book, from beginning to the final unveiling at the end. The two sons, Billy and Happy, face a decision that many teens have to face.

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