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Thank you to Lada for hosting our stay in Langkawi.

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Share this:. Thank you to Lada for hosting our stay in Langkawi. Then why not to arrange a tour with family to visit the beautiful place in the World. We were there for 4 days and 3 nights. It gives the family an opportunity to see the beautiful coastline and the diverse topography of Langkawi. Seems interesting to visit the amazing island in Malaysia? You be the judge of that. Most of these are not inhabited, allowing for the natural splendor to flourish undisturbed. Popular photos in Langkawi.

In the ascending gondolas, the riders are given the opportunity to appreciate the island from up high. If education in nature and adventures in food are on the list, then look no further.

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Planning Your Visit Langkawi is a rather big island, and to fit everything in smoothly, we recommend a company called, GC Butler to serve as your docent for the trip. You will find a lot of other stuff too to enjoy the trip.

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It sits at the base and has a great vantage point to gaze upon Mount Machincang with an elevation of 2, feet. Our favorite spot is a local favorite named, Seashellswhere you sit crossed legged and eat with your hands, outside, under a wooden gazebo. In fact, you can find towns only on two islands, one of them being the eponymous Langkawi, where Malindo Holidays can help you find the best accommodations for your vacation.

There are multiple airlines to choose from.

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