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As a result they earn huge profits from this division.

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After a brief stint as product manager for the Consumer Products division in France, he was appointed General Manager of L'Oral Greece, where he spent four years turning around a tough situation and laying the foundations of a solid business. No surprise then that major marketing efforts of companies attempt to attract the most potential group.

In when it launched its professional products division, LOreal targeted a largely unstructured hairdressing industry to market and sell its salon brands -- LOreal Professional, Kerastase and, more recently, Matrix.

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LOral purchased Synthlabo in to pursue its ambitions in the pharmaceutical field. Luxury products may be selling in Indias cosmopolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, but their small customer base also makes them highly competitive markets, whether for cosmetics, fragrances or accessories. Any new brand merged into the relevant channel will fully utilize the resources in existing channel as well as expand L'Oreals whole distribution channel by integrating its original channel. Innovating for a local market, both with product and pricing, as well as an aggressive marketing strategy, have proved particularly effective, says Dinesh Dayal MBA 84J , LOreal Indias chief operating officer. How-to videos, DIY, and providing facts to consumers are essential ways the brand promotes itself to its customers, all while providing useful information and attracting new fans. In significant growth occurred at Indonesia with 61 percent increase of unit sales or 28 percent of net sales. L'Oreals efforts were also embodied on its marketing strategy. LOreal has tie ups with many big beauty salons and parlors who can promote and sell its products. This commitment by the corporation to take care of their own employees has resulted in LOreal being rated by the European business school students as The Employer of Choice for the year We sometimes feel we are at the beginning so that puts us in a very confident mood. The original pack costs R, said Ghosh.

Dayal acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead with innovating new products, supply chain automation, knowledge of smaller markets, organisational challenges and maintaining the companys global culture.

The consumer products division brands are distributed in retail channels making it available to the mass market.

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The individuals were selected in the random manner form sample and data were collected from research study. LOreal launched its luxury products division three years ago, with Dayal at the helm of the fledgling operation. Active cosmetic products are sold in pharmacists.

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Each brand benefits from considerable investments in research made by the L'Oral Group. All these are produced and innovated based on customer preferences and needs. This year, they are about million 71 million. The shift to "we" was made to create stronger consumer involvement in L'Oral philosophy and lifestyle and provide more consumer satisfaction with L'Oral products. For instance, Garnier redesigned its Excellence hair-colouring product that involved more manual work to mix the dye. Consumer goods are also showing healthy growth rates of about 15 percent, he adds. Infect research is an art of scientific investigation. Considering the large number of SKU's that we already have worldwide, it is possible to market the products at an almost comparable pricing. Schueller formulated and manufactured his own products, which he then sold to Parisian hairdressers.

It constitutes the blueprint for collection, measurement and analysis of data. All these are produced and innovated based on customer preferences and needs. Aspiration By sponsoring events such as the Golden Globes and Project Runway, L'Oreal has positioned the brand as trademark for aspiration.

These mainly include shampoos for hair protection, color protection, damage repair, and various other hair related problems.

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L'Oréal Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy