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Consider violent crime.

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By definition, cities consist of very large numbers of people living in a relatively small amount of space. Governments strategically encourage development through spending public funds or offering lower taxes to businesses and citizens. You might also like Although store owners in Zurich worried that they would lose business after their streets were closed to traffic, that effect has not happened because pedestrian traffic increased. Air pollution increases their rates of asthma and other respiratory diseases Patel et al. Urban planners are making cities more sustainable through solar energy, alternative transportation, increased green spaces, and innovative waste removal or recycling programs. Today, city governments need to protect citizens from terrorist attacks, outbreaks of disease, and natural disasters. A1; Pelley, S.

The number of children who are homeless at least part of the year now reaches more than 1. Mayors in Rhode Island told their governor that their cities need fiscal aid from the state to prevent them from having to declare bankruptcy. Surge in homeless pupils strains schools.

Washington, DC: Author. Those who currently live in the city, for example, showed higher activation the amygdala, the brain region that regulates emotions such as anxiety and fear. The researchers think it is the social aspects of urban living — the stress of living and dealing with lots of people, and feeling more anxiety, fear and threat as a result — more so than other urban factors like pollution or noise that explains the higher stress-related brain responses among the city dwellers.

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In particular, they were weighed and had their blood checked for evidence of diabetes. Mental Health Problems Our earlier discussions of crowding and of traffic congestion indicated that stress is one of the most important consequences of these two urban problems.

RI Gov. How long can cities maintain their balance before falling overboard? She also served as a staff attorney at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago, where she specialized in housing law.

Chicago Tribune.

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Their results were then compared to women in their original neighborhoods who were not selected to move away.

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Problems of Urban Life