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Essay 3. Jaina Doctrines and Philosophy 6. Harris, I. Although the Adhyamata sect had disappeared within one hundred years of the death of Banarsidass, a similar form of Jainism is practised and taught by the contemporary sect known as the Terahapanthis.

The Terapanthis, founded by Acharya Bhiksu inbroke away from the Sthanakavasis whom they criticised for worldliness and a lack of commitment.

Mahavir himself preached his teachings in a mixed dialect called Ardha-Mugadhi so that people speaking Magcidhi and Sauraseni languages could understand him properly.

E in India. The two factions possess different scriptures and different versions of the life of Mahavira.

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He lived a life of luxury. Afterwards the Digambaras even refused to accept the 12 Angas out of them one is lost now as authentic. The founder of Jainism was named Mahavira. It had to compete hard with both Hinduism and Buddhism. There is not an exact definition for the word dharma, it has several different meanings.

In the beginning, the Jains constructed Stupas but, later on, gave place to idol-worship in their religion.

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General Essay on Jainism