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The service catalog should document all defined services. Management Information Systems Management information systems and tools are an essential part of service design. It also specifies the responsibilities of the Service Provider and the Customer. It describes service delivery in terms of value for the customer and must include all service information and their status. By defining the activities, inputs, and outputs in the lifecycle phases, it is possible to work in a customer-oriented way. It is important to cover all areas of concern in the design process that is why a holistic approach to all aspects of design should be adopted. The documents agreed with the customers that specify the level, scope and quality of service to be provided, either now for an existing service SLAs or in the future for a new service SLRs. Aim for high service maturity when designing services rather than the completion of an IT project. A SDP details all aspects of the service and its requirements during the design stage through all of the subsequent stages of its lifecycle. Every time a new service solution is created, it needs to be checked against all aspects of existing services to find out if it can be interfaced or integrated with the latter.

Service solution, together with its SDP, is then passed to service transition to evaluate, build, test and deploy the new or changed service or to retire the service, if this is thechange required.

Contract: A Contract is a Legal binding, covering obligations each entity has to the other; from the first day of the contract, often extending beyond its termination. It covers design principles and methods for converting strategic business objectives into portfolios of services and service assets, hence providing great business values.

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Along with that, there are Three Processes which are implicitly-defined by ITIL Documents but those are needed or need to be used throughout this process group. You must know all of them in order to develop knowledge. By defining the activities, inputs, and outputs in the lifecycle phases, it is possible to work in a customer-oriented way. These especially include the service portfolio for the management and control of services throughout their lifecycle. It can also explained as the proportion of time that a customer is able to access a particular service. The moment you legally bind the SLA document it becomes contract. Process Process perspective relates to the end-to-end delivery of service based on process flows. It is also produced in case of IT service retirement. Product or technology Product or technology perspective takes into account IT services, technology, and tools.

This enables the customer to choose services based on their business requirements. Designing the Measurement Systems, Methods and Metrics.

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It is important to estimate the impact on the overall service, the tools and management systems e. They also include management information systems and tools supporting all processes. The service portfolio is the most critical management system for supporting all service management processes.

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