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Further, recently published literature suggest that OAP increases the chance of more citations of the published work, which in turn can be translated into more recognition of research. Liang, Y. Introduction This section should follow keywords.

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Use a major word processing software such as Microsoft word, open office word,…etc. No permission is required from the authors or the publishers. To overcome these problems we need ideal philosophy where Islam may be the only alternative. Editors have full authority to make one of the following decisions: — Publish without modification — Accept with major revision — Reject Please note: An invitation to accept with major revision does not imply a promise of subsequent publication, however, it is an indication of a positive reaction from reviewers and there is a possibility of publication.

This is the sole responsibility of the author s.

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Introduction This section should follow keywords. Please follow the examples below. Every effort is made to judge the merits of manuscripts. Use a major word processing software such as Microsoft word, open office word,…etc. To foster properly qualified and creative manpower with dedication to the nation, leadership and Islam. Example: Articles with two authors Y. Editor will refer the manuscript to external reviewers in a full double-blind peer review process and will send a summary of review back to the author s. Author s should make every effort to ensure completeness, accuracy and consistency of each reference. Examples: — In a research study by ackoff ….. Open access journals are those that provide immediate and free access of all published full-text articles to interested readers around the world. It has provided all the best way outs in all spheres of human visible and invisible activities. References to previously published research studies must in Harvard style. It helps in maximizing the dissemination and impact of research by making it available to all readers worldwide.

The contribution of Islam in Management and Business is a lot.

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Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research