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I, for example, wish that I wrote concise outlines of each chapter, broken down by scene, that I could reference each day as I arrived at my desk at precisely 7am and started the day's work.

Get help. Traditionally, these are a man and a woman.

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So do look at the great blogs by romance authors and agents that are out there because there are some fantastic ones! In commercial romance, this ending is always a happy one.

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Your manuscript should be the best it can possibly be. This is a very simple question. Old diaries. The only way you'll become a published author is to write. New books. But her preconceptions were dispelled when she learned more about the breadth and diversity of the genre today. This page will be live from Thursday 1st February — Wednesday 14th February

We want to read your story! Understanding what you like and where your story will fit within the Harlequin family is vital.

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Though these sketches may feel too sweeping at times, they do answer the questions so many authors must secretly ask themselves. And if you feel that falls short of what you'd like to be accomplishing, you can try to do it better next time.

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What is required for a submission? Four Screenplays: Studies in the American Screenplay by Syd Field It may not seem like a must-read for those involved in book publishing, but when the editorial department at Harlequin read this book, it spurred a valuable discussion on the importance of structure and character development in every story. This doesn't mean it can't be a good novel! I enjoyed writing that story. It was a big letdown. Books that are like yours, but completely fail to do what you're trying to do. That's incredible! No shortage of words. If you like to wait for the muse to visit, spend a few days treating yourself far more sternly. Television shows and movies. Two or three is not a sampling. We will evaluate submissions based on: The writing quality of your story synopsis and first chapter; The creativity of your story, characters and ideas, and the strength of the romantic element; The strength of your personal statement about how your voice will add diversity and broaden representation in the romance genre; and Your interest and commitment, as demonstrated in your personal statement, toward writing a romance novel.

Why do you want to write for Harlequin? Books stretching toward the horizon, stories for me to tell, each one its own individual mountain to climb, and who knows what scrapes and bruises and even scars I'll accumulate along the way?

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Not Your Grandmother’s Harlequin: Writing Romance in the 21st Century