Ethical dilemmas of an information technology

References Corsino, M. Related Download. And hackers never had as much capacity to do damage as they do today.

Ethical dilemmas of an information technology

Business owners and IT managers who pay the ransom do so knowing that it will encourage the hackers to do the same thing to another organization. While information technology continues to evolve, so do the decisions business owners and IT managers must face.

Businesses that wield vast influence over users of their products and services have an overwhelming responsibility to behave ethically and do the right thing.

List of ethical issues in technology

Lastly, job displacement and increasing digital divide are harsh realities linked to proliferation of information technologies. Such practices would avoid incidents like this one. According to Forrester's report in Forbes on ethics and consumer action, 79 percent of U. While most people would agree that employees should not be surfing the Internet or accessing inappropriate websites on company time, many would also think that the employee's behavior outside of work is none of the employer's business unless it's particularly egregious. Worldwide, piracy is still an issue, with 37 percent of software on personal computers being unlicensed, according to the Forrester Group's BSA Global Software Survey. While the creation of intellectual property, such as names, images, designs, and inventions aim at building company brand and eventual profit-making, technology has enabled imitation and copying of ideas. An employer may know that an employee has an illness, but may not share that information with the employee's co-workers even to ask them to be understanding or supportive. Perhaps the ultimate in ethical dilemmas can be found in how to program self-driving cars.

This, in turn, unleashes a powerful glue that binds communities interested in political, social or cultural exchange of thoughts, which could create a force of its own, such as a rally for a cause.

In the pre-internet era, social networks were constrained by geographic limitations.

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No more. Video of the Day Brought to you by Sapling Brought to you by Sapling Medical Information Medical ethics in the past was largely based on the Hippocratic Oath, the principle of doing no harm.

ethical principles in information technology

Either, they may be reluctant to install deterrence mechanisms with the belief that computer criminals mainly target bigger companies. When concepts from patented organizations are undercut by other entities without consent, they do not benefit the former.

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