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Absent a change in policy, 12 to 15 million additional legal and illegal immigrants will likely settle in the United States in just the next 10 years. I found one person who immigrated from china, one from Jamaica, and two from Italy.

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The goal of this paper has been to provide information about the impact of immigration on American society to better inform the policy discussion about what kind of immigration policy should be adopted in the future.

There are mixed reactions on the best way to deal with the issue of immigration, especially in the political front.

A lot of immigrants migrate from their home countries to the USA for different reasons. In the process of doing so, these early immigrants produced the social and cultural framework of life in America.

America is known for starting over or accomplishing dreams, so immigrants travel over to follow those dreams. Despite the fact that a large share of immigrants have few years of schooling and low incomes, most immigrants do work. People emigrate from one country to another for a variety of complex reasons.

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But when they come to my home, they always take their shoes off, because it is our tradition. In my family, we have many traditions that are not like the traditions of other people. Whatever he has done till today and will ever do is for my siblings and me. As a nation of immigrants, the United States continues to welcome new citizens each year as its foreign born population continues to grow. Sometimes I am put in the 'spotlight' when someone asks about my culture and traditions. Taxpayers are forced to pay for the welfare and schooling for many of these immigrants, some of who are illegal aliens. At school, I always got along with the other students and as far as I can remember, they liked me. A central question for immigration policy is: Should we continue to allow in so many people with little education — increasing potential job competition for the poorest American workers and the population in need of government assistance? So I chose it among many topics. By no means I want to assume that they have all had my experiences. These people left behind an entire life in hopes of gaining safety and stability. Have you ever wondered how immigration was in the late days? Although there are so many differences in my two cultures, I never let myself mix them up. Keeping the status of undocumented immigrants as aliens costs the government a lot of money and the broken solution of deporting immigrants costs even more.
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Immigration to the United States Essay