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There are four language skill, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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These questions might not be commonly asked, despite the fact that a language dies every fourteen days Rymer. For example, a researcher or a writer needs to master writing; while a traveler needs to know how to speak to interact. English became the unifying language in many of these areas and soon became the official language of shipping, travel and commerce.

This is especially true for any international students who are seeking better career prospects in an English speaking country.

importance of english language essay

Any big company will hire their professional staff after getting to know whether the people they are hiring are good at English or not. For that you need superior networking skills.

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The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages uses six levels for measuring language proficiency and fluency, with two levels in each of three categories. While many people still live in these circumstances today, the Internet has allowed the English language to spread around the word. Ultimately, it will help you to adequately express and represent yourself in front of other people. In a lot of ways, that time is already here. An estimated million people speak the language worldwide, out of which only million are native speakers. Even for those involved in business from their native countries, if they want to sell to a larger market, need to understand the trends and the cultures of those markets. There are two main reason for that. The best way to improve your pronunciation is, of course, to listen to good pronunciation. You need to be aware of common cultural nuances to better communicate at work and be understood. This means that in order to impress your interviewer or boss now, you have to show that you are extremely fluent and competent in both speaking and writing the language. At home, I spoke in three languages, after all. In addition to this, Western pop culture is also carried to foreign countries in the form of music or movies.

English is the most widespread spoken and written language in the world. As mentioned before, business English is important for effective communication. There are in fact notable differences in accents and pronunciation.

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In fact, only 20 percent of their Tokyo-based engineers are now Japanese. Because of this, proficiency in English is required for key jobs like air traffic control or ship captain. And you have to be tech-savvy to do well in the workplace—whether this means being able to put together Excel sheets, do a conference call , research and fact-check data or use social media successfully. When you look at the importance of English for International Business, you must look at more than just the number of people who speak it. Now, regardless of your background and upbringing, many bosses will automatically expect you to know the language. You cannot do this without proficiency in a language. Like it or not, it was a mark of superior knowledge and sophistication.

In order to get ahead in your chosen field you need to make yourself completely understood by the people you work with. It is important for delivering presentations and speeches.

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This testing system was created in by the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations and the British Council and has been picked up, revised and redeveloped into an international assessment by many countries including Australia. One of these tools is the Internet. Similarly, you need to know the right people to get the best job or a promotion at work. The advent of online universities has now made it possible for more people to learn English, people who may live in countries where access to standard education facilities is limited. There are many resources available for those looking to learn English for business, of which tv-english. For someone living in a country where English is not the native language, they will need to master this language if they wish to travel to the United States to find a high paying job. The spread of the English language can be traced back to the days of the colonial expansion and has fast become the default language in all official forms of communication in most countries around the world. English is the most widespread spoken and written language in the world. Learning business English helps you to develop both your language and interpersonal communication skills. There are in fact notable differences in accents and pronunciation. Knowing good English helps you to make your point faster. Most of the world's commercial entertainment is in English. Doing Business Worldwide With English being a global language for doing business, it should come as no surprise that in some industries like the airline and shipping industries, English is the official standard language. There will be emails; there will be telephone conversations, and they are costly! The CEO gave the employees two years to learn English before they would be required to take an English proficiency test.

Tsedal Neeley, an associate professor at the Harvard Business School and author of "The Language of Global Success" tells a story of a group of French sales reps who went on a sales call to a French company based in Paris.

With its ability to cross international borders, being proficient in the language is a vital part of success in a highly competitive corporate world.

importance of english in business pdf
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Importance of English in Business Communication