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There was more to Thomas Edison than his numerous inventions. This was a very new feeling and concept to people from that era.

importance of light bulb

Everyone has experienced this at one point or another. All aspects of human are all related to the invention and creation, such as clothing, food, housing, transportation and communication.

At that time,people live in cavesand they spend the majority of their time on hunting or gathering food. As electricity passes through an object, the substance it is passing through tries to hold on to the electrons.

The born of light bulb also helped us by making more inventions that related to light, such as phones, televisions, and computes.

The light bulb is used in almost every grocery store, shopping mall, business office, school, park, library, home, and at things like the movies and parties. The inventor Thomas Alva Edison first started on the phonograph, which could record sound, and made most electricity accessible in urban areas besides the city.

With this discovery, Edison and his colleagues opened the flood gates to even better, modified versions of his original light bulb. Walking up and down the aisle for half an hour or more, reading packages and comparing prices, color temperature, lumens, watts, hours of life, etc.

The tube consisted of positive and negative electrodes encapsulated in a glass envelope.

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The Invention of the Light Bulb Essay