Enrichment activity in educational technology

importance of educational technology in teaching and learning

When you are selecting tools and ways to utilize them, but sure to offer choices. It's great computer curriculum.

examples of technology in the classroom

Start a physical or electronic file of stories of people working in technology. The possibilities are limitless! What do parents know about career pathways related to technology? For example, we have worked with a student at the South Island School in Hong Kong to start an after school code club.

What is their rationale for this? I have to admit, this is pretty new to me. Google Drive is a hugely popular free solution that allows you and your students to collaborate on the creation of documents, worksheets, presentations, and more. Plan site visits to research career opportunities and pathways.

Enrichment activity in educational technology

Sharing is Caring As long as you have their permission, sharing student work can be very exciting for students, parents, and teachers! Gather Student Feedback To encourage student input about content-processing activities, create and distribute surveys. After you look those over, check out the video for my original song, Lotto Dust , to see how I had a blast creating a video using Pixton and some other tools! Use Twitter Hashtags to Take Questions Just as you can use a class-exclusive hashtag for exit tickets, you can use it to take questions throughout the day. This could be in the style of "A day in the life of Although activities may take place outside the classroom, their benefits will follow your students into their studies. Investigate the influence and importance of technology in particular businesses, industries, or institutions. Collaborate Collaboration is a vital 21st century skill, and collaborating via the web with your students can be free and easy! They could be from local newspapers or magazines. Are any of my students considering leaving school, and if so, do they have a plan in place? One of the most popular uses of coding in the classroom these days is coding small robotic devices, and it is very popular in young grades because it is not very hard and it's fun! What do parents know about career pathways related to technology? Helping Students Process Content Tell a Story Kathy Schrock is an original. What research topics could my students cover that would help them explore technology-related careers?

There are a wealth of insights in that article, and Kathy's Digital Storytelling web page provides many tools and resources that both students and teachers can use to incorporate digital story telling into classroom work.

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