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The full summer programme begins 24 July. The event will be sponsored by Unite Students for the third year in a row, and marks the 10th anniversary for the current Pride team.

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Grouped under the headings of Adventure, Creative and Sport, each holiday offers a differing range of opportunities for children to try something new or enjoy a regular favourite.

Alongside the Holiday Club programmes we also offer specific activity courses for 5 to 16 year olds. Enjoy the Westbury Park Art Fair exhibition of talented local artists producing affordable gifts.

All of this is included with your Day Ticket. The move will see the festival double its capacity after welcoming 36, people to the event last year. Get into the cave man spirit with Stone Age dress-up, make your own thumb clay pot and brass rubbings of prehistoric creatures such as the woolly mammoth.

Brunel, get up close to objects from the archive and for those who are brave enough, climb the rigging 15 metres above the deck with Go Aloft! All information regarding the marketing plan will be sent to you by Emma when you complete the contact form.

There are no shareholders which enables Forever provide the most generous and fair marketing plan in our industry.

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