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The final part of the story that Mercutio plays a major piece in is Act 3 Scene 1 in which he dramatically dies. When Tybalt says this line he is refuelling the family feud. Friar John must take some of the blame for their deaths, as the failure of the letter reaching Romeo is his fault.

In the play, In the play, Tybalt plays a prominent role in both the thematic scheme and in the ultimate outcome. Therefore, in this instance Romeo and Juliet is a play that can define a great example of either true love or teenage infatuation With all of their constant fighting and hate building up on top of hate they are bound to be doomed.

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How does Shakespeare present Benvolio here and in the rest of the play? Mercutio clashes with him the fight has started. All throughout the play, the author, William Shakespeare, is constantly trying to make us, the reader, realize something. With the entry of Tybalt it seems as though fate has just thrown a mad cat into a basket of mice. Although Juliet acts rashly, Romeo is more to blame. Tybalt is a very hot headed person, who does not like the Montagues. William Shakespeare married an older woman which, might of have caused his way of thinking while writing Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare introduces fear and tension that continues till the end of the play and increases the pace of the play and the audience's suspense. Shakespeare also uses dramatic pauses and action between characters to increase tension. Tybalt probably wondered why Romeo now loved the Capulets as much as he loved his own family, the Montagues. Tybalt dresses very dignified and superior, when the audience first sees him in the opening scene. Mercutio would not have been involved at all had it not been for Romeos refusal to fight Tybalt. Mercutio often makes fun of Romeo, regardless of who he is in love with, saying that love is just a mind game and to get his head out of the clouds. One would think this puts him relatively outside the family feud, but we learn that Mercutio is only all to willing to play along with this adversary, and ultimately his quick and volatile nature lead to his untimely death.

For family or for love, many of the main characters die or kill to stay loyal to the ones they care about. In the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, the overall purpose of irony is to increase the level of engagement and develop deeper levels of meanings in the text He shows all the characteristics of a good friend and this is why Romeo trusts him enough to tell him about Rosaline.

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While other kids my age are out playing and learning what the outside world is really like I am at this same old boring market selling flowers to feed me and my family. After witnessing his friend be slaughtered, Romeo seeks revenge on Tybalt, and subsequently slays the murderer of his best friend In Act two Romeo and Juliet get married If Mercutio came on stage people would expect a laugh and a joke.

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Character analysis: Benvolio, Mercutio and Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet