Criteria of packaging

Factors influencing packaging material

A range of micro-perforated films is available for such applications. The moisture barrier All products have a certain moisture level: the packaging should preserve this. He outlined the raw material requirements, the important processing parameters, and the quality considerations such as thickness control, in-line web camera control and cleanroom production. Corrugated papers and boards, pulp board and foamed plastics are examples of such cushioning materials. The different classes of foods are perishable, nonperishable, harvested, fresh, minimally processed, preserved, manufactured, formulated, primary, secondary derivatives, synthetic, functional, and medical foods. Over a period of time, an anaerobic atmosphere will develop inside the container. In addition, divided PA layers can enhance thermoformability and expensive individual layers can be made thinner giving further cost benefits. If you do not provide the pallet dimensions, and the courier consequently removes the pallet, it could affect your claim in the event of damage. There are three categories of packaging: Primary: packaging the consumer takes home. Food safety is permanent importance as package products against biological, chemical and distribution damages. Seal strength and peel cleanliness data for a wide range of films and papers now form the basis for a data library that can be used to optimise paper and film combinations for a given packaging requirement. The method of heating may influence the choice of packaging. The results are presented in the form of a numerical value between 0 and 4. Many new packaging materials have been developed for foods which are to be processed or heated by microwaves. Oxidation The modified atmosphere packing MAP consists in replacing the air in the packaging by a gas or gas mixture.

Packaging plays its role: once the product is packaged, it must minimise exchanges with the outside atmosphere. Second-generation Direct Seal medical packaging papers are produced to ensure that the natural tendency for the fibres to align with the machine direction is eliminated, leading to a cleaner peel and more flexible product for the end user.

A choice of materials and thicknesses allows us to meet your needs. Fruits are important source of Pro-vitamin A and vitamin C.

packaging criteria in agricultural science

Amber glass bottles, commonly used for beer in the UK, perform this function. Some carriers such as UPS do not accept pallets and will remove them if they are used. What this event highlighted, is that the time required to gather all this packaging data means that packaging requirements must be considered in parallel with the device development, if costly delays to market are to be avoided.

Remove any labels and markings from the box. Shelf life and stability testing are also required by ISO

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4 essential factors to consider when packaging your product