Colonialism and atlantic world

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Divide the class into five groups, giving each group an additional set of reading materials that examine slavery in a specific geographic region of the Atlantic world.

Awareness of the Atlantic World, of course, spiked post after the earliest European voyages to the New World and continuing encounters on the African coast, a Euro-centric division of the Atlantic was proclaimed between the Spanish Empire and the Portuguese Empire by the Treaty of Tordesillas in Atlantic World history emphasizes how the colonization of the Americas reshaped Africa and Europe, provided a foundation for later globalization, and insists that our understanding of the past benefits from looking beyond the nation state as our primary or sole category of analysis.

Though 15, or so who came to New France multiplied rapidly.

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Although the college instructors indicated a "remarkable stability and uniformity in the design and structure of the U. Roughly three quarters of immigrants to the Americas before were African, and more than half of these Africans were originally from West or Central Africa.

The British challenge to the authority of colonial assemblies, especially via taxation, was a major cause of the American Revolution in the s.

Similarly, some staple crops of present-day West Africa, including cassava and peanutsoriginated in the New World.

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Atlantic World