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Option B: Child care center: This center would include a playground, a green area, and some classrooms.

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I have provided a sample question and a student model essay: A sample student essay This sample got a score of 9 out of 12 : Writing Task 2: You are living in an apartment building. Choose the option that you prefer. Keep close to the word count range allocated in the CELPIP test, and be critical of your grammar, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary. He seemed very preoccupied and paid no serious attention to my issue. The Human Resources Department of your company is surveying your opinion on what to have. In this position, I assisted program participants with recreational projects, contributed to program planning and strategy sessions, and accompanied group field trips to local musical events and museums. Write about words. I have significant experience working with children, and would like to continue to do so in a volunteer capacity. This order only focuses on Task 2. Was difficult to concentrate. He was so rude that I had to shout at him and leave the store. With the cameras, on the other hand, the thieves and robbers know that they are being monitored and the cameras will catch their faces when they do conduct illegal affairs. I will try to review it and react on it. You purchased a 2-year membership to a fitness center next to your neighborhood based on an advertisement. Task 2 is a response to opinion survey.

There are always a way to open a lock and when that happen, we do not know who break into our room. For details, please download this guideline and review the parts about Task 2. Not only would using a local company be less expensive, but it would also pour some much needed money into the local economy.

With the cameras, on the other hand, the thieves and robbers know that they are being monitored and the cameras will catch their faces when they do conduct illegal affairs.

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Obviously, I went back to the store to talk to you, but unfortunately, you were not there that day. It needs to be done byAug 19, EST. Task 2 Answer To improve food services, I strongly recommend university official to seriously consider the opening of well-known restaurants branches on our campus.

Please find attached a copy of the purchase receipt for your reference. Plus, suspicious behaviors can also be detected by the cameras, which enables the securities to act before bad things really happen.

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Keeping your eye on time, remember to organize your thoughts, plan your responses, take notes, and always review and edit your work before submitting. Therefore, you left without a resolution.

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Stay on topic and bear in mind that too many ideas that go off in different directions could be confusing, so finding the balance between too much and too little is key. Each essay should be words. As a multicultural team with people from all age groups, bringing our own dishes would be an excellent way to ensure that there is something for everyone. Yours faithfully Read the answer and try to write your own answer in the comment area. Dear Survey Administrator, Thank you for including me in your survey regarding mall parking issues. I will point out your mistakes, correct them and give a better alternative, provide general recommendations to get a better score, and give you an estimated score according to my experience. Polite sentence expressing your hopes about the choice to be made optional. As for documentation, you get mailed an official copy of the results. Describe what should be done to resolve this problem. Write out your response and edit it after until you are satisfied with the overall content, structure, style, and word count requirements. While several shoppers have left the lot and taken their business elsewhere, others have simply abandoned their cars illegally. I could not believe my ears.

There are several reputable ones to choose from.

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