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The automation and capacity requirements are too extreme, so focus on high-end offerings that can hit the ground running.

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In our game, two player industries were essentially bankrupt with negative earnings, while the other was a small fraction of our size by market cap.

Note: Page 10 gives us Potential Market share, we use this do not use actual market share If we think we can sell more, we can just adjust the percentage.

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For those of you who are looking for strategies that I applied in the game. You calculate this by going to your potential market share page in the Capstone Courier, and multiplying current market size from the segment analysis page, by the growth rate, by your potential market share percentage found on the right side. Especially when I could define my winning strategies! Automation is an interesting one. ROUND 6. If you have come to this Step. We can get Sales Forecast and also Production. Then we will have better capacity to meet diversified demands from our customers. See figures in followings: We can adjust the percentage to focus on products we want to promote more than the others. Also, keep MTBF at

In our minds, we bought out the troubled companies we crushed in order to gain a monopoly. But we have better agreement in Management team right from now.

Stay away from current debt as commercial paper become due the next year. PFMN They are most potential lucrative.

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Keep launching newer ones in high tech 4. We have a formula to calculate and forecast sales for next round 1.

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Yeah, we had fun dominating. The game is similar to capsim, but on an accelerated four round simulation. Use 8 sheets for 8 round, just copy and paste number from Courier Report Page 10, Page 4 and select market growth rate from page into each sheet. You can adjust the percentage if we think we can sell more or less. We can still keep prices higher and get market shares at higher profit level. Get Total Sales also from Page 10 3. ROUND 1. Option 1. This is why we need to calculate demands and plan production as precisely as we can. ROUND 6. Keep launching newer ones in high tech 4. We will be a differentiator competes through good designs, high awareness, and easy accessibility.
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