Bizzare eating habits

He reportedly ate weeds, which he referred to as "roadside greens. Her favorite McDermott candy creation is his gummy bear salad. Catherine Zeta-Jones likes to eat an apple after a meal, not really for sustenance but because it supposedly cleans her teeth.

Weird celebrity habits

Not Tom Cruise. Give it to us by the scoop from an artisanal dough shop , homemade with graham crackers, or in a store-bought log and we'll eat the stuff — baked or raw. She brings nice dishes with chicken apple sausage and a mug of espresso with her. Oh, man. If you liked this story:. That's definitely a new one. Not just uses it or loves it, he collects it. Only she eats them in the most bizarre way. She says strawberries and pineapples also do the trick due to the citric acid found in these fruits.

Steve Jobs loved apples and carrots so much that, for certain periods of his life, they were all he ate. He says his father was the one who introduced him to this regimen and that it makes him feel healthier because it boosts his immune system. She'll top a turkey burger with blueberry jam instead of store-bought ketchup.

An excerpt from Leah Remini's book revealed the actor finally found a mission too impossible to overcome: making cookies from prepackaged dough. She insists on stirring her coffee counterclockwise.

weird celebrity favorite foods

Instead, he eats five times a day, focusing on smaller portions in order to keep his energy up.

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17 Truly Bizarre Food Habits That Will Make You Say "Huh?"