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Thus, the opinion remains divided on the subject. They may, prima facie seem to pave a road for progression.

importance of scientific inventions

Swaminathan, the father of green Revolution in India put in his words, "Technology is neutral to people. There is no denying the fact that scientific innovations are in themselves manifestations of the seamless evolution of humans, be it social, economical, political or psychological.

Ironically, science has created the very means to disjoin people-to-people interaction with each one of us spending more time with our gadgets than our family or closed ones and then claiming to prove itself as an adjunct in enhancing communication.

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Throughout time there have been lots of new inventions which have both hindered and helped everyday life with humans. How do we then claim to be spreading happiness by scientific innovations? A religious person would point to God as its only source while Buddhists say there isn't anything like that in reality. Are scientific inventions making us happierGreatest Inventions essaysGreatest Inventions essaysWhen asked what is the most important invention, many questions come to mind, and these inquiries must be answered before responding to the initial question. But the prime query is, for whom and to what extent? Taking the lead from a small nation like Bhutan we can set paradigms for other nations to follow. Children feel like they are in seventh heaven by sitting in front of idiot box or the computer, which harms their eyes. And therefore, it enjoys an enviable position in the minds of the current civilization, threatening to upstage spirituality itself from its supreme pedestal. Worship without sacrifice. Water, air, time and space have been conquered. None of the things mentioned solely leads to happiness. Our mission is to provide an online platform to help students to discuss anything and everything about Essay. However, physical science divides the world into two halves. Man's comforts have increased and his powers strengthened. A belief in these religions with uninterrupted acceptance was largely due to the authored classics handed down from the history featuring gods.

As modern age is an age of science, so men have become scientific minded. It also shows that people in both sets of countries also are equally likely to be happy when finding things like family or friends important It is complicated to explain what happiness is; thus, it is difficult to identify what leads to happiness, which a reason for the disagreements of philosophers on this topic.

Next step in the timeline of human civilization was industrial revolutionwhich started as a result of two initiatory forces one of them was increasing population while the other was desire of attaining power.

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Are scientific inventions making us happier Since the dawn of human civilization, Homo sapiens, the wisest of all apes, have tried to exploit the resources of nature and put them to their own use. Spiritualism is on the wane while materialism is on the increase. We have made a journey from the Paleolithic Age to the 21st century but the inquisition still keeps burning-are we improving humanity or disrupting it? For in these times, we possess at our mercy, a wide spectrum of gadgets and tools that mimic the play of gods, read only in myth. Thus science acts as a tool for better living ,for happiness. Article shared by Vishal. Answering to the first question, it is a luxury of those who can afford it but for the others it leaves a sense of desirability, a sense of sorrow. This is a general observation that morally weak persons don't enjoy true pleasure of life and hence happiness cannot be attained by murder of those moral values which human institutions have developed through these ages of evolution.

Enthusiasm on the other hand is the greatest inspiration for driving a man to any extent. No doubt, medical sciences enabled humanity to combat viruses which in dark ages caused fatalities in millions.

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Worship without sacrifice. They are afraid of talking to a doctor, filling out endless paperwork, encountering unknown bills and receiving unwanted diagnoses.

No one claims that science is complete happiness or a complete curse.

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Are Scientific Inventions making us Happier?