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You will be expected to formulate your answers in a way that reflects your ability to use analytical and organizational skills.

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Of these students, One high school in California has published a wealth of study resources, chapter outlines, and vocabulary lists available here. Make sure you read reviews before choosing one — their quality varies widely.

Many samples questions with answers and explanations can be found in the official course description.

Then move on to the rest of the questions. The test is challenging and covers a considerable amount of information about psychology.

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Many samples questions with answers and explanations can be found in the official course description. State the intent behind all of your evidence — Explain what your evidence is trying to do. Of these students, The multiple-choice portion of the exam accounts for two-thirds of the score, while the free response section makes up the remaining one-third of the score. College Board provides sample free-response and multiple-choice questions as well as the scoring guidelines. As you can see from looking at the exam statistics, the AP Psychology test is by no means easy. Their AP Psychology practice test is actually official tests that were used in the past. Well, you can actually use that repetition when it comes to studying because you can focus on repeating areas that you struggle with until they stick. Content Covered in the AP Psychology Exam The exam covers content and subject-matter that are typically taught in a college-level introductory psychology course. Make sure you also know how to apply them in different situations. Then move on to the rest of the questions.

Thank you,for signing up. In nearly all cases you can get rid of at least one incorrect answer.

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Every bit helps. Know the research methods — Research methods are going to be an important aspect of your test as well. Of these students, Together, these make up for one-third of your total score, and you will have 50 minutes to complete this portion. You should have complete sentences and paragraphs that are going to express what you want to say. That means you need to find an answer that seems to fit. These courses are going to make it easier for you to double up your information. Choose an answer after reading the question — Before you even read the answers try to come up with what the answer to that question is going to be.

Another page study guide can be found here. Score your practice tests — When you finish a practice test make sure you go through and score it.

Use evidence and information to back up your answer all the way through. You want to plan on being there early to get to your seat and relax a moment before everything starts.

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