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The Conquest The Maya civilization was already somewhat fragmented when Europeans arrived in the early 's, and the weak and divided Maya were easily conquered by the Spaniards.

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Mayan society was quite stratified at this time. Between the volcanoes and the Pacific Ocean lies a fertile plain ranging 25—30 miles 40—50 km in width. These places were formerly marginal regions with little development, but they now held the last remnants of Mayan civilization. Considering this, it is less surprising to learn that the Portillo administration was one of the worst in Guatemalan history. The rugged and deeply dissected volcanic highlands, which lie to the north of the volcanic row, average 9, feet 2, metres in elevation near the Mexican border and decline gradually to 3, feet metres at the opposite border with El Salvador. The constitution of was revoked and the reforms made in previous years were reversed. Towns also have wind and percussion bands that play during the Lent and Easter -week processions, as well as on other occasions. Richard Hansen, the director of the archaeological project of the Mirador Basin in Northern Peten, believes the Maya at that location developed the first true political state in America, The Kan Kingdom , around BC. Within the sierra region, heavier rainfall—combined with centuries of cultivation of the thinner soils on the steep slopes and the wanton destruction of forests—has led to widespread erosion there too. Others are moving into factory and clerical work. Carrera reversed the reforms and restored religious orders to their previous positions; Spanish titles were also reinstated. During this era coffee became an important crop for Guatemala. Holy Week Semana Santa is celebrated the week leading up to Easter. The Mayans were revered for their complex language the only written language among pre-Columbian cultures , their advanced mathematics and architecture, and their astronomical calendar. Clergy and public officials with encomienda grants were required to return them immediately to the crown—they could not be passed down to their children as an inheritance.

Once he felt militarily secure, Alvarado turned against the Cakchiquels, meeting them in several battles until they were subdued in He was in power from untilwhen he was declared mentally insane. As the s rolled around, the guerilla movement in the eastern highlands was almost nonexistent.

Both countries were originally home to the Mayan culture and ultimately conquered by Spain. Several monuments and temples were built in Tikal during this time—including six of the great temples found in the center of the city, which were reconstructed between and A.

Protests and revolts against landowners were not uncommon, especially in the late s and early s. Two days later he was removed from office.

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It was even considered acceptable for Ladino officials to be openly rude to Indians in the region. The Spanish would use this rivalry to their benefit when they arrived in the 16th century. Other Guatemalan culture staples include corn and cornmeal, beans, fresh fruit and vegetables especially mangos and papayas , rice, eggs, and cheese. A heavy concentration of pottery on the Pacific coast has been documented dating from BC. In order to conquer these last Maya sites, the Spaniards had to attack them on three fronts, one coming from Yucatan, another from Belize, and the third one from Alta Verapaz. Much of the knowledge we have about this period comes from stelae, large carved monuments that recorded the lives of rulers and the historical events that occurred during their lifetime. Today, almost half of the Guatemalan population is still Mayan.

After two days of rioting. The highest peak is Tajumulco 13, feet [4, metres].

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When opposition parties cried foul, congressional records relevant to the case disappeared and other documents were falsified. Trade grew, as did the Mayan population—by the end of the Classical period, there were an estimated 10 million Mayans.

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During the Late Classic period, Mayan art, architecture and astronomy soared to new levels unequalled by other pre-Columbian societies. For the next 30 years military officers dominated Guatemala.

People were intimidated and killed to secure the financial interests of the powerful Guatemalan elite.

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The sierra region is drained by large rivers that flow primarily north into the Gulf of Mexico by way of the Usumacinta River. Towns also have wind and percussion bands that play during the Lent and Easter -week processions, as well as on other occasions. Dissatisfaction with Arbenz by the Guatemalan oligarchy and conservative military sectors was growing. Rated 9. Two days later, Bishop Juan Gerardi Conedera was murdered at home, likely at the hands of someone in the military. Chiltepe, a common pepper used on some Guatemalan dishes. His term saw an increase in political violence; hundreds of unionists, students, and academics were killed. He began his presidency by rearranging the members of the military high command. Lava flow from Pacaya is sometimes visible from Guatemala City. Build Abroad Volunteer Opportunities in Guatemala Build Abroad is actively involved in building local schools and other community projects in Antigua, where these buildings are currently in short supply. Three-fourths of the population and most of the major cities are concentrated in the volcanic region and the Pacific slope, and the volcanic eruptions and earthquakes characteristic of this area have repeatedly taken a heavy toll of property and life. Berger did institute new economic policies, including making some government services and projects into private entities.
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