An introduction to the animals and their species mammals reptiles arthropods and aves

Watertight skin and eggs: To live exclusively on land requires the ability to avoid water loss.


Fish have evolved various adaptations to help them with aspects of life such as movement, buoyancy and avoiding being eaten by bigger fish. And then there are humans who are undoubtedly more intelligent than any other organism on Earth. Because they overlap, the feathers catch and hold the air. However, snakes have some physical differences, mainly the lack of legs although some lizards also lack legs. Between jellyfish and insects there is a wide range of many other invertebrates. Some examples include worms , millipedes, centipedes, starfish, urchins, squid, octopi, oysters and snails. Birds, which are known to have evolved from reptiles, also have amniote eggs. With this adaptation, birds and mammals have further evolved to possess diverse ways of feeding, avoiding predators, finding suitable habitats, and reproducing. These adaptations are first seen in a primitive group of fish, of which a living example exists — the lungfish. The order Squamata consists of both lizards and snakes because they are basically the same. Mammals Mammals are a group of warm-blooded animals that have hair and mammary glands.

Despite their long survival, many species of amphibians are under serious threat of extinction due to problems such as habitat loss and predation from invasive species. The oryx, or gemsbok, is a large pounds African antelope that now lives in southern New Mexico.

animal classification system

Finally, the genus is broken down into the Species. Fish breathe using gills and are equipped with "lateral lines" that detect water currents and even electricity.

Birds Birds are animals that have feathers and that are born out of hard-shelled eggs. This warrants the creation of two sub-orders: Serpentes snakes and Sauria lizards. Vertebrates A vertebrate animal is any animal with an internal backbone. Note that the sub-species follows the species and that they always receive lower-case letters.

So what makes an animal a bird? Jaws: The earliest vertebrates in evolutionary history are the fish.

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The Animal Kingdom