An analysis of the story shiloh

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Is unsure of what the future will hold for her. One such instance is when Norma Jean is caught smoking in the kitchen and she lets this get to her. But by the end, it is clear that he has been overconfident: the death has affected him and Norma Jean exactly as it affects most couples. Leroy and Norma Jean Moffatt are spending more time together now that Leroy and his truck have "flown home to roost" 1. Close to the cemetery, they eat a picnic. The story ends when she turns back to Leroy and waves her arms. Probably still suffering from trauma from his accident he began a new interest and that is in building a log cabin. Leroy had tried to convince her that they were OK and was able to start over again, but Norma Jean insisted on feeling like a teenager, being controlled by her mother and that is he wants to have her independence. Mabel keeps on coming to their house checking on them and telling or monitoring Norma Jean on how she should go about doing laundry and keeping the plants. Leroy is defensive about his own English.

That is, Mabel desires Norma Jean and Leroy to travel to Shiloh because the trip embodies her imaginary return to it, a fantasy that not only represents the unity of the family for her, but one that also signifies her own unity and adequacy—the wholeness and sufficiency of her subjectivity.

It is not as though she wishes to immediately begin a new relationship with somebody else. That night, she tells Leroy that his name means the king. My Personal Take on Shiloh The story shows a typical or traditional American couple who went through tragedies of losing a son and the husband suffering from his accident.

An analysis of the story shiloh

It seems obvious that the next step for Norma is to change her circumstances. Leroy is happy to be home and feels affectionate toward his wife, but he worries that she does not return these feelings. Leroy feels unsettled by his inability to play the role of the powerful husband. Freud considers consciousness as a repository for external stimuli, which then become psychically processed. Ironically, however, in the middle of their picnic lunch, Norma Jean tells Leroy that she wants to leave him. After reading this story, take some time to reflect back on yourself. Leroy and Norma Jean had a child before but died due to Sudden Death Infant Syndrome while the couple was at a drive-in theater. Mentally and emotionally she had felt different from before.

They go to Shiloh on Sunday. Mabel keeps on coming to their house checking on them and telling or monitoring Norma Jean on how she should go about doing laundry and keeping the plants.

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One thing everyone is likely to agree on, though, is that these two are very different when it comes to coping with change and its accompanying stresses. She gives Norma Jean and Leroy a dust ruffle that she made in the upholstery shop where she works.

Because she and Jet went there on their honeymoon and because Norma Jean was conceived there, Mabel manipulates Norma Jean and Leroy into taking the trip to Shiloh in order to overcome her lack and to fulfill her desires.

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Afterward, Norma Jean says the story was meant to punish her for smoking. Silence falls, and Norma Jean says she wants to leave Leroy.

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Leroy is defensive about his own English. With Leroy being away for long spells. If so, you've probably noticed that not everyone reacts the same way to change and stress. Norma Jean supports herself and her husband by working at a Rexall drugstore in the cosmetics department. She becomes the sole proprietor and the sole executor of the phallus. Rather Norma Jean appears to have been happier with life moving along as it did. With all the elements in place—father, mother, child—Mabel can assume her role as the doting grandmother. He makes no real effort to save the marriage. New York: Modern Library. This relationship of the individual to the family, moreover, has fairly recently become the primary focus of psychoanalytic semiotics, most notably in the work of Kaja Silverman. The reason that the reader realises that Leroy accepts his marriage is over is because he acts feebly when talking to Norma Jean about their marriage and its prospects.

These changes she feels are different from what her husband Leroy interprets them to be. This story might give you some insight to better understand how you and those around you respond to stress, and if you ask us, that's some pretty important stuff to ponder.

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Short Story Analysis: Shiloh by Bobbie Ann Mason