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Google Scholar Huchzermeier, A.

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Keeping the gate ajar during openings of general practice consultations. Spacing effects have been found in animals such as rodents, e. Rao expressed grief over Naik's passing, describing it as "a great loss to the field of historical research".

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Google Scholar Witt. Annals of Family Medicine, 12 129— Research, Technology Management, Nr.

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However, little work has been done on the actual texts of the pilgrimage route, which include accounts of and guides for pilgrimage and manuscripts and printed objects that were encountered, acquired, or donated by pilgrims at pilgrimage sites or during the journey. Research on Language and Social Interaction, 41 158— We discuss relations between our results and basic learning at the neuronal level.

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Google Scholar Coyne, K. The answer to this question is of high practical relevance for all of us but also of theoretical interest for the basic understanding of learning and memory. Further, we applied three final tests at retention intervals of 1 day, 7 days and 28 days. Human Studies, 9 2—3 , — We invite submissions that address these inquiries. Managing expectations of antibiotics for upper respiratory tract infections: A qualitative study. Human-machine reconfigurations. Inside the routine general practice consultation: An observational study of consultations for sore throats. General practice and primary health care in Denmark. Google Scholar Shiller. In one experiment participants performed a classical paired associated learning task i. Annals of Family Medicine, 12 1 , 29— We are particularly committed to work that seeks to overcome the polarization between history and theory in the study of premodern Western culture. Google Scholar Howell, S.
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